Active Care Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries

Sport is vital to an active and healthy lifestyle – it encourages you to stay healthy, free of stress and most of all have fun. Unfortunately injury can occur during sport; however these injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist. Physiotherapy provides an active rehabilitation option that will enable a safe and prompt return to your sporting activity, which is much more effective than the “wait and see what happens” approach. Our physiotherapists can also provide advice and treatment to prevent sporting injuries from occurring.

When it all goes wrong

The most common causes of sporting injuries are:

-        A direct blow (bruises and contusions)

-        Indirect forces like a twist (sprains, strains and tears)

-        Overuse stresses (tendinitis, stress fractures)

Getting back into action

Our physiotherapists will assess your strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. These areas are those most often affected by a sporting injury, and your physiotherapist can show you how to improve them in order to safely return to your sport.

How Active Care Physiotherapy can help

Active Care’s physiotherapists are extensively trained and highly qualified in the assessment and treatment of sporting injuries. With a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and tissue damage and healing, our physiotherapists have often supervised sporting teams to assist injured players and prevent injuries from occurring.

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