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Active Care Physio

At Active Care Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our “hands on” approach to your treatment. The main focus for our practitioners is your recovery and restoration of your physical health. We use advanced therapeutic skills and knowledge to help get you back to your chosen sport or activities of daily living.

Our physiotherapists at Active Care Physiotherapy emphasise the importance of empowering you with the self-management techniques and home exercises that you need to not only treat your injury but also manage it in the long term and prevent recurrence.

Our clinics are equipped with private individual consultation rooms with new electronic treatment tables ensuring a comfortable, personal and focused approach to your health.

Sports Physiotherapy Brisbane

Each of our physiotherapists in the Active Care team have played and competed in high level sporting competition, which means we understand your goals and needs when it comes to returning to your chosen sport. We have a wide variety of knowledge and experience in various sporting codes and will be able to relate to yours. We regularly design and implement treatment and rehabilitation programs to specifically target problem areas which are affecting your performance. It’s with this sports physio knowledge that you will see speedy positive results during your recovery.

Active Care Physiotherapy is home to athletes who compete at an international and state level, as well as many social level competitions.

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